photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

In March 2009 I joined the Board of RVNA, our Reynier Village Neighborhood Association (East of Robertson, South of Cadillac, surrounding Reynier Park).  
One day, as I was walking with a neighbor friend, Deni Mosser, we admired the love and care that residents devoted to their front yards. Many had replaced the water-thirsty turf of their lawns with drought-tolerant grasses, native plants and succulents. We loved the architecture of the Spanish-style homes built in the 1930s. We decided to start a Reynier Village Home and Garden Blog. Deni, who is a web designer, set it up on WordPress, and I administer it as the editor.
After many years of not taking photographs for publication, because my old Nikon cameras were too heavy, I bought a small digital Nikon Coolpix, and started populating the blog with my photos of these lovely homes and gardens.  

photo (c) Elisa Leonelli

In 2011 I set up a Facebook page for the Reynier Village Neighborhood Association, in 2012 I designed the RVNA website with my photos as the theme.
I wrote posts about local art, culture, history, restaurants, events. I was then able to once again call myself a photo-journalist.

Click on this link for the Reynier Village Blog.

And on this link for some of my posts for the blog.